...Passion for making other people happy. This can include consumers, clients, the guy at the grocery store, and even those difficult-to-please investors. We share enthusiasm for great products, killer marketing, and companies that are willing to put the effort into truly doing things right. Since we started, we've always strived to make sure the work we do is top-notch and so far we've made a lot of friends that way.

All of this passion has translated into our culture and sometimes we feel a bit schizophrenic. We are developing our own products, running popular blogs, and providing services that cover the entire realm of online marketing. Most people would say it's better to focus on just one thing but in fact we've realized that gaining experience and expertise in all these areas is what makes us valuable to our customers. Marketing involves much more than a single pronged approach and we pride ourselves in leveraging the synergy of all possible tactics.

  • Data Management

  • Analytics & Business Intelligence

  • Data Integration

  • Modeling & Development

  • Commerce Services

  • Financial Services

We make a concerted, proactive effort to distinguish the offers of legitimate marketers from the ever-increasing storm of unsolicited mail. We work hard to help maintain an atmosphere of responsible email and online marketing. Therefore, all of our lists include only 100% opt-in, and permission-based contact information.

This means that we are providing consumers - your potential customers - with the choice of what they wish to read, when they wish to read it, and whether or not they want to read it. We are proud of this responsive attitude towards the concerns of individuals and are glad that this helps us to earn their trust. We honor all permissions to deliver only the targeted offers that best match their declared interests. We believe strongly in this element of our vision; it is proper ethically, and it simply makes good business sense.

The following is our procedure and policy for the collection and use of personal information for the purpose of delivering targeted marketing campaigns for matching specific interests:

  • Notice - We provide every visitor with a clear notification of the reason for which personal information is being collected, and for what purpose this information will be utilized.

  • Choice - each visitor must opt-in (agree) to receiving advertising messages when they have completed a our survey form from one of our websites, or when they have signed up with a party that has a contract with us. Every individual is in control of the email received from us, and is therefore capable at any time to opt-out (unsubscribe) to any or all of our email offers.

  • Security and Data Integrity - us takes strong security measures, such as firewalls and limited employee access to customer data, in order to protect personal and sensitive information against loss, misuse, and alteration.

It is these factors that make up the essence of us, and the vision by which we stand. This is the basis of our mission and our policies, and we hold this in the highest importance and respect.